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Project summary

Description of project activities HUSKROUA/1101/252 on 01.01.2014
"Space Emergency System" –
cross-border system for prediction of natural disasters
incidents on basis of exploitation of satellite technologies in Hungary,
Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.

Title of the project “Space Emergency System” – cross-border system for prediction of natural disasters incidents on basis of exploitation of satellite technologies in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.
Number and title of the Programme priority Priority 2: Enhance environmental quality.
Number and title of the measure integrated project.
Total duration of the project 22 months.
Applicant Uzhhorod National University (Uzhhorod, Ukraine) – State university, non-profit making.
Partners University of Miskolc (Miskolc, Hungary), Vihorlat Observatory (Humenne, Slovakia), Association Center for Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer "NORDTech" (Baia Mare, Romania), International Association of Regional Development Institution “IARDI” (Uzhhorod, Ukraine).
The overall objective The establishment of a real time monitoring and warning system to reduce risks and damages of natural disasters on population, resources and environment in the study area by means of exploitation of satellite technologies.
The specific project objectives a) construction of a real-time atmosphere monitoring and natural disaster warning system covering the project area and its wider environment;
b) creation of specialist groups for collection and processing of relevant data about the state of the atmosphere for prediction of natural disasters;
c) informing target groups and final beneficiaries about natural disasters incidents and related environmental problems. The project participants will closely cooperate with the national organisations of meteorologists and disaster recovery groups in order to optimally implement and fully exploit the results of the project.
Target groups 1) emergency, rescue, municipal service organizations / institutions;
2) national and regional meteorological service organizations / institutions;
3) central and regional authorities;
4) subjects of national economy, agricultures, small and medium-sized enterprises, tourist agencies;
5) airlines, road and railway companies;
6) administrations of nature reserves, national natural parks, forestries, sports and cultural events organizations;
7) professional institutions and public organizations responsible for environmental protection.
Final beneficiaries all population of cross-border area of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.
Estimated results 1) a real-time monitoring and emergency system for prediction of natural disasters in cross-border area of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine will be created and operated;
2) timely prediction of occurrence, size, direction and velocity of propagation of dangerous atmospheric phenomena causing natural disasters incidents (floods, mudslides, landslides, mudflows, avalanches in mountains, etc.) will be performed;
3) authorities and professional associations will be operatively informed about occurrence of natural disasters;
4) risk of damages to population and target groups will be reduced, and the quality of environmental protection will be enhanced in the project area.
Main activities Technical-preparatory stage: forming of working groups; elaboration of atmosphere monitoring methodologies; purchase and installation of meteorological equipment; creation of data centers for satellite and meteorological data collection and dissemination; establishment of data and analysis centers.
Educational-organizational stage: seminars for employees of data and analysis centers, meteorologists and representatives of emergency services; creation of Astronomical and Meteorological Society (Uzhhorod).
Main stage: start of the Space Emergency System (SES); elaboration of textbook on GPS meteorology and instruction manual on SES.
Public Relation stage: promotion of operating SES in mass-media, holding conferences and workshops.
Total eligible cost of the project 672 026 EUR.